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Barney And The Pizza – The Goods Yard

Barney And The Pizza has been running since 2017 and has been part of The Goods Yard in Folkestone’s Harbour Arm since 2021.  Barney’s 400° C oven is ready to serve delicious, locally sourced, freshly made pizza.  Folkelife met with Barney to find out the menu.

“I come from Canterbury but spend a lot of time in Folkestone and have had my eye on being a trader on the Arm since I started Barney And The Pizza.  It’s just the perfect place.  There’s no where else quite like it.  You can go for a walk along the Arm, get something to eat and drink, now you can play mini golf too – which is going to be the best start to my day!  But when the sun’s out it’s gorgeous, and even when it’s windy, you just get a real sense of having been somewhere, and been outside and having had a good time.”

locally sourced ingredients

“Before we got to the Arm, we would do parties, weddings, camping and so on.  All of our ingredients are locally sourced and fresh, so we get the best flavour for our pizzas.  Our oven cooks the pizzas for about 60-90 seconds at over 400° C and is a wood-fired oven.  Even our wood is from 5 minutes from where I live.  Those are the best-tasting pizzas in my opinion.  What you get from us is the freshest pizza, from ingredients to how it’s cooked – right in front of you.

“We make our own pizza ovens too – Agnes Outdoors – which are available for people to make their own pizzas at home.  The true make-your-own-pizza-at-home kit!”

Barney and the oven
Barney and the Pizza on the Harbour Arm
Pizza oven in action

The oven
Barney And The Pizza
Olives on a pizza

Freshly baked Neopolitans

“All of our pizzas have a tomato base using San Marzano tomatoes from Naples.  We have a panchetta, courgette and caramelised onion pizza which is a real favourite, and my favourite too.  We caramelise all our onions ourselves.  There’s an artichoke with Kentish lemon oil; there’s a salami, smoked buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rocket.  We’ve got an anchovy, red onion and black olives… and the usuals like margherita and pepperoni too.  Everyone will be happy!

“Being based on the Arm we’ve got a bigger shed to work from than our little trailer.  This is going to give us the opportunity to start serving some more things, and different things too.  Getting a regular customer base means we can then work out what people like, and what we can experiment with too.  Having that communication with our regulars is one thing I’m really looking forward to.  If they ask for something, we can respond.”

Harbour Big Screen

“We did our first work on the Arm in 2020 when the Big Screen was showing drive-in movies.  That was a great experience and we really enjoyed that.  2021 was even better as we had customers walking up to us.  2022 and we’re part of that buzz and vibe that happens when people are out enjoying themselves on the Arm.  I can’t wait!”

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